Company Profile

Founded in 2010, Global Protective Services is a professional security firm offering optimum level executive estate, and private protection services.

Global Protective Services brands itself as a highly trained and efficient security firm licensed, and insured to operate in the State of Tennessee. Global Protective Services offers par excellent security services for your protection needs. We at Global Protective Services stand firm on our belief that our services must rank along with or exceed the expectations of the clients we serve.

Global is continuously praised for our attention to detail, commitment to providing a personal touch and the professionalism we display throughout our relationship with our clients. Global Protective Services is in the business of providing quality security services to current and potential clients located within the Tennessee Region.

Our Mission

The goal of Global Protective Services is to create a secured environment for all our clients, their employees and or guests. At Global, we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and do this by understanding and addressing all of our clients’ needs and expectations. This is accomplished by supplying our clients with a diversified unit of well-trained professional security personnel or personal protection specialists who believe in teamwork, communication, creativity, and adaptability.

Meet the Owner

Mr. Curtis Greene, Owner and President of Global Protective Services is a twenty plus year law enforcement professional; highly trained in all aspects of protection. Curtis Greene was former Director/Chief of Police at Chattanooga State Community College; other experience includes but not limited to Criminal Investigator Chattanooga Housing Authority; Law Enforcement Officer Chattanooga Police Department.

Curtis Greene established the GPS enterprise with a vision of establishing a security business designed to ensure the safety of individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, status, wealth, associations, or locations. This vision became the catalyst for the development of the various types of protection services offered at Global.